Services - Free Roaming Fix

This is how our Free Roaming Fix program works. We, or a volunteer, humanely trap, spay/neuter, vaccinate and return the cats to where they live in most cases. Kittens and cats who are friendly are placed into homes. This process is called TNR or Trap, Neuter and Return. TNR is one of the biggest life saving and life improving services we offer at Rifle Animal Shelter. Keeping feral cats where they live and out of shelters saves their lives in most cases. A good barn home isn’t always available and the cats are making it where they live somehow. It’s best to leave them where they are.

Cats that have been spayed/neutered have their ears tipped while under anesthesia. It's an easy and effective way for feral cat colony managers to spot new cats and keep track of the ones they have trapped. If you ever see a cat with a tipped ear, (usually their right ear) you know the Free Roaming Fix, the Street Cat Coalition, or a caring citizen has helped that cat have an easier life.

TNR works and is the best way to humanely manage community our free roaming cats. These cats are a vital part of the communities they live in and keep the rodent population under control. It's also proven when cats are removed from a location, they are replaced with more cats and the new cats will not be spayed or neutered. More and more cats will appear! A managed feral cat colony is healthy and gradually declines over the years.

If you need help with barn, feral or community cats please call the Rifle Animal Shelter and we will always do our best to help. Funding is not always available to pay for all the costs, but we will do our best to support in whatever way we can. 970-625-8808

We are looking for volunteers to be part of our Free Roaming Fix team. If you live in the Rifle, Silt, New Castle or Parachute areas and have some time to help, please call Brittany. It's our goal to do more for our community's free roaming cats this year, but we are going to need community help to do it. 970-625-8808