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Resource Roundup 5.22.20

Thanks for visiting this weeks Resource Roundup.

We are working diligently to keep our community food pantries stocked, if you or someone you know is in need of cat/dog food they are available at these locations:

Some of you will be returning to work, and this article may be beneficial if your animals have some separation anxiety while you are gone:

Cats are very complex creatures. Check out this link if you want to understand your kitties behavior:

Did you adopt a companion during the pandemic? Was it an adorable puppy? Check out this link to make sure you are giving them the proper socialization they need!

Are you one of the crafty types? Do you like to DIY? We have a link on how to make your own pet bed!

Each week, we will be sharing a video that includes our professional trainer, Jess while she shares tips and tricks for dog training.

Thank you for spending time with us Jess!

Check her out on Facebook:

This week, Jess worked with one of our shelter dogs, Venus. Venus is under socialized and has been nervous around people.
Many times, shelters and rescues receive under socialized animals and it is our duty to help socialize them and make them more comfortable while they are staying with us.
Here are a few tips when dealing with an undersocialized dog:
May 21, 2020

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