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Resource Roundup 7.10.20

Resource Roundup

July 10th, 2020


Thanks for visiting this weeks Resource Roundup.





Our videos cover alot of basic training, but if you would like a version that you can read, check out this article from Best Friends.


Are you debating on adding a furry companion into your life? Check this handy guide out to help you determine if it is the right time to adopt!


Many of us are home/apartment renters and also have pets, check out this resource if you are looking to find pet friendly rentals in your area. Included are some tips on how to be a good renter with a pet!


Did you know a lick mat has many benefits for dogs? It is calming and releases lots of good hormones for them, plus if you put it in the freezer it is a nice treat to cool them off in the summer time!

We are working diligently to keep our community food pantries stocked, if you or someone you know is in need of cat/dog food they are available at these locations:

Each week, we will be sharing a video that includes our professional trainer, Jess while she shares tips and tricks for dog training.

Thank you for spending time with us Jess!

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Jess works with Brandy to help her burn off some energy in a fun way!

July 2, 2020

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